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June 29, 2022


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uk bans smartphones in schools

The UK Government has announced guidelines to prevent the use of phones during school.
Mobile phone ownership has become commonplace for people of most ages, and both experts and organizers have expressed concerns about the safety of children and their distraction during learning.

The UK Government is following in the footsteps of other European countries, such as France and Italy, which ban the use of phones in classrooms.
Some schools in the UK have no-phone policies, although these guidelines may achieve widespread adoption and standardization.
Gillian Keegan, UK Secretary of State for Education, said: “today’s children are growing up in an increasingly complex world, living their lives online and offline, and this presents many opportunities and challenges.

“By blocking mobile phones, schools are able to create safe, quiet and distraction-free environments so that all students can get the education they deserve,”she added.
The UK Government encourages schools to develop their own policies, although it identifies some cross-cutting options.
This includes a blanket ban on the use of mobile phones on school premises, although the guidance recognises that this may create complications or risks for children when travelling to and from school.

The guidelines suggest that students hand over their phones upon arrival at school with them placed in student lockers or any personal storage space they get at school.
This solution allows students to keep their devices, although they are still unusable at any time of the day, even when accessing the locker during breaks.
The guidelines also suggest that students should be allowed to keep their phones in their bags, although they should be turned off and never accessed.
The guidelines also recommend educating students about the potential harmful impact of mobile phones on young people.

One study after another has found that social media can negatively affect the mental health of young people.
The UK government says restricting phone use may increase students ‘ concentration, activity time, and face-to-face time with peers, as well as combat the problem of social media platforms.
The government encourages parents to communicate directly with the school, and not through the phone if they need to communicate with children. The guidelines also encourage parents to discuss the rules and the dangers of phones and the internet at home.

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