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June 29, 2022


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TSMC opens semiconductor manufacturing plant in Japan

Taiwan’S TSMC opened its new semiconductor manufacturing plant in Japan’s Kyoto prefecture on February 24th.

This facility, known as Japan Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing (JASM), represents a milestone and an important milestone for the semiconductor industry in Japan.

The JASM facility covers an area of approximately 52 hectares and is designed to produce manufacturing resolutions of 40 nm, 28 Nm, 22 nm, 14 nm and 12 Nm at the first plant.

The initial production capacity of the first plant is about 40 thousand chips per month with a diameter of 300 mm, and it can be increased to 50 thousand chips per month in the near future.

However, TSMC is set to expand the JASM facility to include a second plant, which will produce chips with a manufacturing accuracy of 7 nm and a manufacturing accuracy of 6 nm, and this plant is scheduled to begin the production phase at the end of 2027.

The Japanese government is expected to provide financial support for the expansion of the second plant worth 5 billion dollars. Once production starts at this plant, the JASM facility can produce approximately 100 thousand chips per month with a diameter of 300 mm.

According to TrendForce Research Group, the JASM facility provides TSMC with a major additional capacity amid a global shortage in the amount of chip production, and it also enhances the capabilities of the domestic chip industry in Japan, reducing dependence on imports and helping Japan boost the volume of high-end chip production for Japanese brands in the automotive and consumer electronics field.

Dr. CC Wei, CEO of TSMC, stated that the JASM facility will be an important leap in the Japanese semiconductor industry over the next decade.

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