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June 29, 2022


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Telecom Egypt wins the “fastest landline internet in North Africa” and “fastest mobile internet in Egypt” awards from Okla

Ookla, the world leader in the field of measuring and evaluating internet speeds, awarded the Egyptian telecommunications company ” WE “the two awards” the fastest terrestrial fixed internet network in the North African region”and” the fastest mobile internet provider in Egypt”, at a ceremony held by the company on the sidelines of the Barcelona International Mobile Networks exhibition MWC 2024, which will be held from 26 to 29 February 2024. Mohamed Nasr, managing director and CEO of Telecom Egypt, received both awards.

Ookla’s assessment is based on a careful analysis of the tests conducted by users through the Speedtest application.the fact that “WE” Network received both awards confirms Telecom Egypt’s keenness to continuously invest in the development and modernization of the telecommunications infrastructure in Egypt, and to use the latest international technologies in the field of communications and information technology to ensure that its customers receive the best level of Integrated Telecommunications Services.

Telecom Egypt has recently obtained a license to provide fifth generation services, becoming the first telecom network in Egypt to provide these services to its customers, as part of its marketing strategy that seeks to maintain its leadership as the first integrated operator of ICT services in Egypt.

Commenting on this honor, engineer Mohamed Nasr, managing director and CEO of Telecom Egypt, said: “I am pleased with this honor and the fact that Telecom Egypt has awarded WE the title of the fastest fixed terrestrial Internet network in North Africa as well as the fastest mobile internet provider in Egypt, which comes as the culmination of great steps planned by the company in order to develop infrastructure and improve the level of services, “adding:” Telecom Egypt will continue to strive towards improving the customer experience and achieving its evolving requirements to keep pace with the major developments witnessed by the market in the future.

“WE” Internet services provide a unique experience for its customers in using various video platforms and games at high speeds, which makes the user experience of a high degree of quality and efficiency, and mobile internet services provide high speeds in downloading and uploading files of various sizes to and from the internet to keep up with customer requirements in obtaining the best quality, stability and speed.

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