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June 29, 2022


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Telecom Egypt participates in the ice IV submarine cable project to connect Egypt, the Middle East and Southeast Asia

Telecom Egypt, the first integrated telecom operator in Egypt and one of the largest operators of submarine cables in the region, has announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding with the UAE’s e&Company, the Indonesian Telin company, and one of the major Indian telecommunications companies to form an international alliance to establish the submarine cable project “ICE IV”, to connect data centers in a number of countries from Southeast Asia and India to the Middle East and Egypt using new, unique and diverse international routes.

The new project extends with a length of 11 thousand kilometers, connecting Indonesia and Singapore with Southeast Asia with the state of India and then extends to connect the Sultanate of Oman, the United Arab Emirates in the Arabian Gulf region and the Arab Republic of Egypt. The sea route passes through the Sunda Strait between the Indonesian islands, making it a distinguished communication corridor and a new international gateway to the Asian continent.it is also the first international cable to be lowered in Kochi, India, for decades. the new project uses the latest submarine cable technologies. the project’s ground infrastructure extends in two areas, namely the ground infrastructure connecting Egypt to the Middle East, and those connecting Kochi and Chennai, India. the project is targeted to enter service during the fourth quarter of 2027.

With the steady increase in the demand for International Data Services in recent times and the need to increase the capacity of existing submarine cables, there is a need to create new submarine cable systems.  With the great development witnessed by maritime connectivity, the reliance on the technologies of connecting the main points of presence (PoP) has become prevalent in the submarine cable industry, making it more able to meet the growing demand from major international operators and international content providers, as the new project “ICE IV” supports these requirements to provide the best connectivity services characterized by large messaging capacities and superior protection through the application of network multiplexing.

The MoU was signed in Dubai, on the sidelines of the International Conference “Capacity Middle East”, by Saif Moneeb, executive vice president for international and operators at Telecom Egypt, Nabil bakosh, CEO of the operator services and wholesale unit of e& Group, and Bodhi Satria Dharma Purba, CEO of Telin and a representative of the Indian telecom company.

Mohamed Nasr, managing director and CEO of Telecom Egypt, said: “Telecom Egypt continues to play its historical role in supporting the establishment of submarine cable projects in the region, which it has been doing for more than thirty years when the development and use of optical fibers in submarine cables began, especially those cables connecting Southeast Asia and Europe, and this path that we provide to the international community is a fundamental pillar of the international infrastructure that connects the largest continents of the world,” adding: “We are proud to have joined this important project as a founding member, and to provide the necessary support for this distinguished infrastructure by providing connectivity services with more than 20 submarine cables to be landed in Egypt through our advanced, unique and multiple international infrastructure, “he added: “The Ice IV cable project will enable us to expand the scope of our international infrastructure and its multiplicity, and gives us more ability to improve our services and meet the growing demand for international connectivity services.

Nabil bakush, CEO of e& Group’s operator services and wholesale unit, said:” the signing of the MoU today is an important step on the way to achieving digital transformation, and the ICE IV project will contribute to redefining the global telecommunications map and bringing the continents of the world closer together than ever, “adding:” We will provide access to high capacities for billions of people. Thanks to our commitment to make the SmartHub data center a preferred choice for neutral hosting for international connectivity operators, the ICE IV system will further accelerate connectivity. The new DC to DC system will enable us to increase global capacity to meet the growing demand of customers in Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas.

Bodhi Satriya Dharma Purba, CEO of Telin, said: “Nowadays, customers are looking for the best user experience, which drives service providers around the world to innovate and build networks with the lowest response time, using diverse and unique paths .”He added:” Telin sees Indonesia as a future hub for telecommunications in the Indo-Pacific region. We look forward to creating new opportunities for the submarine cable systems we are building by integrating them with other countries and submarine cable systems.

The Telin ICE initiative is based on an efficient cost model, and a faster execution rate. The project’s systems include seven separate cable systems that connect Indonesia to all potential markets. Over the next five years, the implementation of these systems will begin, as each system adheres to four basic principles: interconnection of data centers, achieving ultra-low latency, various drop-off points, and distinct paths.”