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June 29, 2022


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“Telecom Egypt” and ” ZTE ” cooperate in the first successful trial of GPON50 technology in Africa

Telecom Egypt, the first integrated telecom operator in Egypt and one of the leading submarine cable operators in the world, in cooperation with ZTE, the leading global provider of ICT Solutions, has achieved an important achievement by successfully conducting a comprehensive trial of the advanced broadband network (GPON50) in Africa, as this successful experiment paves the way for opening new possibilities in the field of high-speed communication across the continent.

The experiment included conducting numerous tests to verify the performance standards of gpon50 technology based on the current advanced infrastructure of Telecom Egypt and taking advantage of ZTE’s technological expertise, and the experiment showed extremely wide transfer rates of up to 43.90 Gbps for download speed and 21.10 Gbps for upload speed, in addition to supporting access speeds of 10 Gbps and 1 Gbps.

The impact of these networks extends beyond just home use, as the technology’s powerful bandwidth and low latency features make it an ideal solution to accommodate new services such as 5G technologies, Virtual Reality experiences, cloud services, telehealth services and advanced industrial applications.
Mohamed Nasr, managing director and CEO of Telecom Egypt, expressed his optimism about the successful experience, saying: “Our cooperation with ZTE in testing the GPON50 technology represents a pivotal step in our ongoing efforts to explore innovative solutions to enhance telecommunications services. This achievement is in line with our commitment to providing the latest digital services and solutions to our customers.”

Bobby Chen, chief technology officer for the Middle East and Africa at ZTE, stressed the importance of this cooperation in developing technological capabilities on the continent. He pointed out that ” the successful experience of GPON50 technology in cooperation with Telecom Egypt demonstrates our joint commitment to technological progress . As we continue to innovate, we aim to enable the digital transformation journey in Africa”.

The fruitful experience represents the possibility of achieving a brighter digital future in Africa. By pushing the boundaries of connectivity through advanced experiences such as the GPON50, Telecom Egypt and ZTE are contributing to the technological development of the continent. This successful experience is an encouraging indicator of the steps that can be taken in revolutionizing communication standards across Africa.

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