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June 29, 2022


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Sponsored by the “Commercial International Bank”.. Egyptian food processing companies explore business opportunities in Kenya

January 17 witnessed a great event for Egyptian Food Processing Companies as they showcased their products at the Egyptian trade mission to Kenya, which was held at the Serena Hotel in the capital Nairobi.

This came in the presence of Ambassador Wael Nasreddine Attiya, ambassador of Egypt to Kenya, and the Commercial International Bank Group was represented at the B2B event of the trade mission of Egyptian food manufacturers to Nairobi.

The forum, called the “Nile Food Africa” Business Initiative, seeks to connect Egyptian food manufacturers with business opportunities in Kenya as well as connecting Kenyan business communities eyeing the Egyptian market with the right business partners.

The business-to-Business Forum (B2B) was organized by the Egyptian Food Export Council (FEC) in Kenya in cooperation with a project funded by the US Agency for International Development and the Egyptian Commercial Service (ECS).

The exhibition attracted more than 26 food factories from Egypt, including the giant Egyptian-Swiss pasta and concentrates company, juhaina leading juice production company, snacks and biscuits company Edita foods, and aghta foods tomato paste manufacturing company.

Among the other companies that presented their presentations at this event, the owner of the brand giardion UEFCON, the producer of the brand Spuds Food Trip food industries, Regina pasta and food industries, Seco Salt, corona Chocolate and Confectionary, Wadi Food Industries.

Speaking during the opening of the exhibition, ambassador Nasreddine Attiya, ambassador of Egypt to Kenya, praised the organizers, adding that the exhibition represents an excellent platform for the integration of the Egyptian-Kenyan food industries to strengthen the partnership that builds business for both countries.

He said that Egypt is a strategic partner of Kenya because of its proximity to the North African country, adding that countries should work to remove various non-tariff and customs barriers while continuing to stifle trade within the continent.

However, Wael highlighted the plight of infrastructure as among the obstacles affecting intra-African trade. According to him, the improvement of transport infrastructure will see an increase in trade volumes and thus significantly improve trade within the African continent.

He pointed out that the road infrastructure within the continent is seventy percent complete with different countries such as Egypt completing their sections.

We are sure that trade between our two countries and the continent in general will improve as soon as the ongoing infrastructure projects are completed. By this we mean that roads and railways play a crucial role in facilitating the movement of goods.

The ambassador stressed that the port of Mombasa continues to be a focal point in facilitating trade between Egypt and Kenya, and the proximity between the two countries also works in favor of exporters and importers.

The ambassador also praised the Egyptian bank’s entry into the Kenyan market, saying that it will enable trade between businessmen from the two countries.

Speaking at the same event, the CEO of the Commercial International Bank of Kenya, Daphne Maina, said that the bank will work to enable and facilitate trade between the two Comesa countries.

The support of CIB as one of the main sponsors of the corporate matchmaking event, which is organized by the Egyptian Food Export Council in cooperation with the Egyptian trade office in Kenya, confirms our commitment to promoting trade and cooperation between Egypt and Kenya.

Through its presence in Kenya and Egypt, CIB plays a pivotal role in promoting and supporting trade finance transactions as well as supporting matchmaking between importers and exporters through its customer base in both banks.