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June 29, 2022


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Samsung plans to get rid of employees at its chip factories

Samsung plans to make its factories fully automated and free of human labor by 2030.

The company aims to establish semiconductor production facilities that do not include human staff. Achieving this requires developing systems that can manage large amounts of data and automatically optimize equipment performance.

The intelligent sensing system is an important part of this plan, and is expected to play a crucial role in making these fully automated smart factories a reality.

Samsung is currently investing millions of dollars in projects, such as smart sensors, with the hope that its investments will pay off in the long term.

Smart sensors are currently under development to measure plasma uniformity within wafers.

This is crucial because the results of semiconductor manufacturing processes are greatly affected by plasma uniformity, which is why accurate measurement and management of this aspect is essential.

The development of this system is a collective effort that includes cooperation with partners and academic institutions.

The new sensors are characterized by their small size, which makes them suitable for existing plants and will not require additional space, which is important in cleanrooms.

It is noteworthy that the sensors are designed and manufactured in South Korea. South Korean chipmakers rely heavily on foreign tools for such advanced processes.

The development of intelligent sensing systems is a major change; Because it somewhat reduces this dependence, although the majority of the tools used by Samsung are produced outside South Korea.

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