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June 29, 2022


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Organon and Flat6Labs launch women’s healthcare startup accelerator in the Middle East and North Africa

Organon, a leading global healthcare company dedicated to improving the quality and health of women’s lives around the world, in partnership with Flat6Labs, the leading seed funding company for startups in the MENA region, has launched the second cycle of the women’s digital healthcare startup accelerator program, following the success and momentum of the inaugural session.this initiative aims to empower digital health startups by providing solutions to enhance women’s health in the MENA and Turkey region.

The second course focuses on three main areas of women’s health, including family planning through the provision of counseling and education on contraceptives, in addition to educating women about the tools and options available to them, it also highlights fertility planning, providing psychological and mental support for women, in relation to artificial insemination techniques, while the third sector deals with women’s health by providing the latest innovations in the field of self-care and motherhood, and includes the provision of disease prevention services, and health care during the menstrual cycle.

The corporate accelerator program mainly seeks to provide sustainable and long-term solutions to the health challenges faced by women in the region, and the program focuses on supporting digital solutions that enhance access to healthcare, empower individuals, and improve the quality of health services, thereby contributing to the enhancement of women’s healthcare. This year’s course is aimed at startups operating in several countries, including Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates .

The initiative aims to accelerate the growth of 15 startups, communicate with various stakeholders, leading to the graduation of start-up companies ready to launch and face the current challenges in the field of women’s health. In addition, the program includes virtual and field community events, such as information sharing sessions, promotions, proposals and webinars, to enhance awareness efforts, exploration and selection of appropriate solutions.

The second cycle of this year’s startup accelerator program offers a range of diverse program offerings that include in-depth training, where startups will receive specialized training in business and technical aspects, with the aim of providing them with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve success.the program also includes guidance and guidance as participants benefit from guidance provided by industry experts, connecting them with a wide network of mentors, investors, local and international companies. The third offer will provide startups with unique opportunities to network with key stakeholders, enhance their visibility and create networking links with industry leaders.the second cycle of the program also supports businesses on a regional scale by accessing the regional network throughout the region and providing the necessary support for market expansion.

Commenting on the second cycle of the program, Rami qousa, associate vice president at Organon for the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey, said: “investing in women’s health reflects positively on profits, for every dollar invested, there are approximately 3 dollars poured into economic growth. Investing in improving women’s health not only improves their quality of life, but also enables them to actively participate in the labor market.the launch of the second cycle of the women’s health startup accelerator program is a strong confirmation of Organon’s continued commitment to advancing women’s health in the region. we are excited to deepen our partnership with Flat6Labs and continue to listen to women’s needs, identifying innovative solutions that promote a better and healthier life for them every day. This program is an important step in fostering collaboration, innovation and empowering startups interested in developing women’s health in the field of digital healthcare.”

For his part, Yahya Houry, executive director of the programs sector at Flat6Labs, stressed the importance of supporting entrepreneurs and promoting women’s healthcare, saying: “with the beginning of the second cycle of the women’s health startup accelerator program, we are pleased to expand our support to women entrepreneurs, who are shaping the future of women’s healthcare, this initiative is not limited to innovation, but it is about empowering visionary minds to make a lasting impact, our ongoing partnership with Organon and work on the development of this cycle confirms our commitment to promoting an active ecosystem for startups interested in the woman. Together, we aim to bring about change in healthcare and ensure that the current situation reflects the diverse and delicate needs of women in the MENAT region.

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