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June 29, 2022


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Instagram announces the feature of editing messages after sending

The photo and video sharing platform Instagram has announced new options for the direct Messages direct messaging feature, referred to by the abbreviation DM, including the ability to edit messages after sending for up to 15 minutes.

And in order to edit a post-sent message, the user presses on it for a long time, and then chooses the Edit “Edit” option from the menu that appears automatically. After the modification, Instagram displays a notification indicating that the message has been modified.

The platform announced via its official website that it will allow up to three chats to be installed at the top of the message box, including group messages and individual chats. To install conversations, the user must drag the conversation to the left or long-press on the chat, choosing the “PIN” option to install it at the top.

It is worth noting that Instagram by adding this new option follows the same approach in other messaging applications from Meta such as Messenger and WhatsApp, as well as other applications such as Telegram, iMessage and others.

Instagram also added a new option to disable message reading indicators in conversations, and it can be activated for all conversations or only for certain conversations, and the user must go to the Messages section in the settings to activate it.

Instagram also offers many new features that can be activated in each individual conversation, in addition to providing the option to save favorite stickers in direct messages for faster access, and users can save stickers by long-pressing on them.

The platform will start offering these new features to users starting today, knowing that they will be available to them gradually.

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