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June 29, 2022


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Cooperation between “i-voice up” and Banque Misr to enhance ethics and governance within institutions

iVoiceUp, the leading whistleblowing company for businesses and enterprises in the Middle East, announced the launch of the first-of-its-kind Egyptian platform to provide comprehensive solutions for managing ethics, compliance, and HR cases, to maintain a safe work environment for employees and stakeholders anonymously.

 Since the company was founded in 2019 and over the past five years, iVoiceUp has succeeded in contracting with 270 customers in more than 19 different sectors in Egypt and the Middle East. iVoiceUp has had many successes in the FMCG industry. Through its cooperation with the Chamber of Food Industries (CFI), the company has partnered up with several major companies, including Coca-Cola Egypt, Juhayna, Americana Group, and Edita; in addition to a number of businesses in various other sectors such as Financial Services, Healthcare, Energy and Retail.

Having succeeded in gaining the trust of many customers in the Egyptian market, and adding to its rich portfolio iVoiceUp was able to successfully penetrate the banking sector and is proud to announce its recent partnership with Banque Misr.

“Giving employees and stakeholders a voice to express their opinions and concerns anonymously is a necessity nowadays, as well as ensuring a safe space for everyone.” said Ahmed Genedy, Founder & MD of iVoiceUp.

Genedy explains “The platform addresses instances of fraud and harassment and deals with health, safety, and environmental incidents and other ethical violations during working hours, and thus those concerned will be able to examine, investigate, and resolve the cases properly with the aim of protecting the reputation of businesses which in turn reducing the risk of financial losses.”

In the same context, Mohammed Alkurdi, Head of the Compliance and Governance Sector at Banque Misr, affirms: “We are always keen to commit to the highest standards of ethical behavior and integrity through complying with the principles of governance and the banking charter, and using state-of-the-art technologies in the field. We are committed all the way to providing a safe space for anyone to come forward to report any violations  anonymously.

The iVoiceUp platform enables our employees to report any concerns easily and confidentially, ensuring transparency and responsible behavior as well as providing a safe environment for everyone. We believe that this is a step on the right track emphasizing on our commitment to ethical practices and to provide a role model for the workplace community.”

Sherine Karam, Marketing and Communications manager at iVoiceUp, added: “iVoiceUp platform operates online easily, effectively and is available on the cloud using the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. The service is activated within seven days, after which users can access the platform and start using it without the need to install the software on local servers, enabling them to engage and interact efficiently on the platform without any delays.”

It is worth mentioning that iVoiceUp was keen to further develop the platform using a team of specialists in IT and machine learning. From the outset, the iVoiceUp platform went through multiple testing and improvement stages to ensure quality and excellent performance throughout the years. Using the latest technologies, AI and Power BI to analyze data and provide important reports and accurate statistics for enterprises. The platform is user friendly and compatible with all types of businesses in different sizes.

In addition to a Customer Service Management (CSM) service that is provided by PR specialists and via a well-established CRM system, iVoiceUp assist businesses to make the most out of the platform and provides all the necessary tools for them to achieve their goals.

Throughout the past five years, iVoiceUp was able to empower around 465 thousand employees and through their ongoing and diligent follow-up with its customers, they were able to save financial losses of nearly $7 million worth of value for only one customer in one year. Adding to its success and above all, iVoiceUp managed to reach over 72% increase in employee satisfaction within businesses after using the service.

In line with Egypt’s Vision for 2030, iVoiceUp aims to support the Egyptian economy in achieving sustainable development and to contribute to the implementation of Egypt’s strategic priorities in achieving financial inclusion for businesses, supporting a healthy work environment for women and youth, accelerate Egypt’s transition to a green economy and boost competitiveness through supporting the public and private sector as well as strengthening governance in light of the digital transformation framework.

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