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June 29, 2022


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mohamed salah

Klopp hopes for Egypt’s early exit from the 2023 African Cup of Nations

German coach Eugen Klopp, coach of the English football team Liverpool, hopes that the Egyptian national team will be eliminated from the group stage of the African Cup of Nations, which will start on Saturday, January 13, in Côte d’Ivoire, so that the team can return quickly.

Klopp’s wishes come with the aim of returning the top scorer of the team and the Egyptian national team, Mohamed Salah, to the ranks of the leaders of the English Premier League as soon as possible.

Klopp said in his preparatory press conference for the match against Arsenal in the third round of the FA Cup, as part of his response to a question about what he said to Salah before he traveled to join the Egyptian national team: “I said if I wished you good luck, it would be a lie.”

He added: “From my personal point of view, I would be very happy if they were eliminated from the group stage, but this is most likely not the reality. Of course, I would be happy for them to continue their journey and win the title.” “I told him good luck and come back healthy, those are pretty much the words.”

Klopp confirmed that he will find solutions during Mohamed Salah’s absence, saying: “We must now deal with the matter.” “I am confident that we will find a way to fill the void and we must show that on the field.”