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June 29, 2022


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Banque Misr launches “express projects platform” to provide a distinctive package of services to entrepreneurs

Banque Misr has recently launched The Express platform for projects, in order to provide a better banking experience for Project customers.this confirms Banque Misr’s pioneering role in supporting the digital transformation strategy and providing advanced digital services aimed at bringing all financing systems and non-financial services in one place to facilitate all ways for Project customers to manage their businesses and develop their projects.

The “Express for projects” platform aims to provide a better banking experience for owners of small, medium and micro enterprises; the platform provides comprehensive information on all products and services that help them manage and develop their business, whether financial services that include Express financing systems; which allows customers to apply for any of the financing systems suitable for their needs online through the platform, including, for example, the possibility of applying for Express financing projects up to 2 million Egyptian pounds with minimal documents and within 5 working days, POS machines can also be obtained for easy obtaining payments the company, as the platform includes The financing systems in the branch, and all the partnerships and offers offered by the bank that the customer can benefit from in the management of his business.

The Express platform also provides a distinctive package of non-financial and consulting services to help our clients in the development and management of their projects, such as training and Capacity Building Services, Financial Analysis Services and feasibility studies, services to facilitate obtaining licenses, services to facilitate obtaining financing, and help customers access the right suppliers, retail chains and projects of the same size, project establishment services and the preparation of models and business plans, which are provided through the business development centers of our bank “Nile Pioneers initiative”- Under the auspices of the Central Bank of Egypt, with the possibility of applying to open a corporate account online for free and without administrative expenses to open the account for non-Banque Misr customers, while following up the online application step by step through the website with the simplest procedures; and by completing the account opening process, our customers receive an instant debit card in the company’s name, in addition to providing a Help Center through the platform through which company owners can search for questions related to our products and services and answer them.

Banque Misr always seeks to support the efforts of digital transformation and innovation by providing electronic solutions to facilitate customers, as “technology” has become the fastest variable among the variables governing the global economy today, and Banque Misr is working hard to localize advanced technological services in its various transactions to ensure keeping pace with the developments on the scene, and to contribute more to improve the provision of banking and financial services, and to take advantage of promising new paths of development, Banque Misr is working to enhance the excellence of its services and maintain its long-term success and actively participate in services that meet the needs of its customers, as the bank’s business values and strategies reflect Always committed to the Sustainable Development and prosperity of Egypt.

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