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June 29, 2022


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Mohamed Khattab.Hisham ElGabry

B.TECH Partners with Jumia to Launch its Online Store On the

Cairo, August 16, 2023 – B.TECH, Egypt’s leading integrated Omni channel retailer and consumer finance platform, and Jumia,  the leading e-commerce platform in Egypt and Africa, have partnered up to launch B.TECH’s online store on Jumia’s platform offering the full range of products with special monthly promotions.

The remarkable collaboration between the industry giants is set to ignite a major shift in the Egyptian retail industry toward digitalization, introducing boundless possibilities and benefits to consumers in the Egyptian market.

The partnership contract was signed by Mohamed Khattab, Executive Vice President of b_labs and Digital Commerce at B.TECH, and Hisham ElGabry, CCO of Jumia Group during a ceremony attended by the leadership team of both sides including Ahmed Elmenshawy, Digital Commerce Senior Director at B.TECH, Ramy Osama Mahmoud, Head of E-commerce at B.TECH, and Ahmed Anwar, Head of Key Accounts at Jumia Egypt.

This strategic partnership is set to bring immense benefits to the Egyptian retail sector and add value to Jumia, as a trusted platform, due to the significant expertise of B.TECH, a renowned giant specializing in home appliances and electronics, as well as its wide customer base. Through this partnership, a wide array of B.TECH products will be showcased, providing a unique shopping experience to a larger group of consumers on Jumia. Moreover, this collaboration facilitates easy access to exclusive offers from B.TECH, ensuring secure and efficient delivery of purchases to customers through a reliable and fast delivery service.

Mohamed Khattab, Executive Vice President of b_labs and Digital Commerce at B.TECH commented on the partnership signing saying, “Joining forces with Jumia, one of the operating platforms in the Egyptian retail and electronic appliances market, is another important step in B.TECH’s strategy towards digitally transforming and empowering the future of the retail market in Egypt. The new collaboration with Jumia also aligns with our ultimate goals of achieving customer satisfaction by constantly meeting their versatile needs and unlocking new opportunities seeking a more seamless shopping experience.” He added, “With this transformative union, B.TECH is maintaining its leadership position in reshaping the very fabric of the Egyptian retail market, making it easier for countless consumers, across Egypt, to shop from the comfort of their own homes, choose from a great variety of high-quality products.”

For his part, Hisham ElGabry, CCO of Jumia Group, expressed happiness with the cooperation with B.TECH saying that, “the new partnership brings together two of the largest brands in the Egyptian market, each in its field of expertise. Given their keenness to offer everything new to customers in Egypt, we signed this partnership to enhance the customer experience, expand the range of choices, and increase customer satisfaction. We are always interested in catering to all the needs of our customers, so we constantly seek to establish new partnerships and expand our business. We proudly partner with B.TECH to offer new, high-quality products at competitive prices that suit customers’ income levels in Egypt, as well as various payment and installment options and free delivery service for some products and appliances.”

According to the latest report by e-commerce DB, there are over 50 million internet users in Egypt, while the country ranks 41st in the largest e-commerce markets. This presents a strategic gateway for B.TECH to solidify its e-commerce presence through similar cooperation. The collaboration between B.TECH and Jumia will help expand the digital presence of B.TECH and further grow the available product set and electronics and appliances inventory for Jumia.

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