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June 29, 2022


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African Heritage Switzerland launches “Diversity Fashion Week” in Zurich

Zurich, AFRiCAS: Engy Saadany – Ghada Abdekebir

The 2nd edition of the “Diversity Fashion Week”, which hosted by “African Heritage Switzerland” kicks off today in Zurich, at Ngala African Contemporary Art Space, with participation of national and international designers.

Beatrice Schnelli-Okello, the President of African Heritage Switzerland told AFRiCAS reporters in Zurich: African fashion in Switzerland is poised for growth. While some may emulate the concept, our passion remains unmatched.

African Heritage’s dedication to creating this fashion platform ensures its continued expansion. Our focus extends beyond Africa to include diverse global influences, exemplified by Diversity Fashion Week.

I’m confident that our impact will only grow; some models who started with us are now set to work at New York Fashion Week. AHS President added.

About AHS is a Swiss non-profit organization governed by the Swiss Civil Code. its primary objective is to demonstrate that beauty is not defined by a single standard but is found in embracing our unique features.

Our organization is dedicated to promoting diversity, inclusion, culture, self-worth, gender equality, women’s and youth empowerment, integration, and a sense of belonging among people of African descent worldwide by showcasing our rich culture. Diversity Fashion Week Switzerland provides a platform for all, as we believe that positive change is achieved through unity.

Our elegant event seeks to foster hope and unity among people worldwide. We will also celebrate the rich diversity of African fashion and culture through a captivating fashion show. She added.

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