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June 29, 2022


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A partnership between “Telecom Egypt” and “Zain-Omantel” to create a digital corridor linking the Mediterranean Sea to the Arabian Sea

Telecom Egypt – the first and only integrated telecom collaborator in Egypt and one of the largest submarine cable operators in the region – has announced its cooperation with Zain-Omantel international (Zoi) – the leading regional pole in the field of wholesale business in the Middle East, which reaches over 20]; international submarine cable in the region – to create a digital corridor connecting the Mediterranean Sea, the Arabian Sea and the Arabian Gulf region, making it an unprecedented route for data transmission between the continents of Asia and Europe.

The innovative infrastructure of this digital corridor will extend from the coasts of the Sultanate of Oman overlooking the Arabian Sea and the Arabian Gulf to the Mediterranean coast of the Arab Republic of Egypt, through a sophisticated combination of land and sea routes using a large number of optical fibers.technically, the land routes extending through the Sultanate of Oman, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arab Republic of Egypt are characterized by reliability and the highest degrees of protection. on the other hand, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arab Republic of Egypt will be directly connected via a submarine cable through the Red Sea characterized by high capacities and uses a large number of optical fibers and a short distance between the two landing points.

This corridor has been designed to provide Telecom Egypt and Zain-Omantel international (Zoe) partners and customers with integrated solutions directly between the landing points and the Arabian Sea to the Mediterranean, as well as in line with Zain-Omantel international’s (Zoe) infrastructure expansion plans to include multiple regions, including the state of Kuwait, the kingdom of Bahrain, the Republic of Iraq, and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, through the Zain-Omantel international (Zoe) network, and cooperation with licensed companies to land submarine cables in every country.

The new network corridor will result in shorter routes and faster response times for data access, making it the best options for crossing from the Indian Ocean to Europe for submarine cable operators, content providers and telecommunications companies.
:”Zo – (Zoe) is in this strategic project that will serve as a turning point in the field of international connectivity between Asia and Europe. In our journey to innovate new solutions to provide better service to our customers in the submarine cable industry, we strive to focus on the smallest technical and commercial details, as well as the necessary multiplicity to ensure our customers achieve quality, reduce costs and access the best data transfer speed, thanks to the long history of Telecom Egypt in the field of submarine cables and its distinguished work teams with experience and efficiency”.

Zo – (Zoe): “Zo – (Zoe) zo – (Zoe) to maximize the benefit of our group as a whole in the region, the value that this digital corridor will add is enormous and its benefits will spread widely within the markets of the region and beyond, not only in terms of connectivity and communication, but also on the technological, commercial and social levels”.

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