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June 29, 2022


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A Kenyan startup converts plastic garbage into solar-powered freezers

Kenya: Africas, By Baher Tarek

A Kenyan company is proving that the adage “one person’s waste is another person’s treasure” still holds true.

On a February morning, a group of ladies on a Mombasa beach collect plastic debris to be used to make refrigerators. In addition, the garbage is sold to Kuza Freezer, where employees convert it into pellets before molding it into cold storage units. Moreover, each freezer includes a battery that can be charged using a solar panel. However, A two-hour charge equals up to seven hours of operation time.

Purity Gakuo, CEO of Kuza Freezer, stated, “Kuza Freezer is a youth-led firm situated in Mombasa, Kenya. And we are committed to providing cold storage solutions to small-scale enterprises in the fish value chain, allowing them to sustainably increase their income and eliminate post-harvest losses”.

Kuza Freezers has been in business for three years and has delivered more than 350 equipment to customers such as fish merchants, poultry and milk vendors, and ice salespeople.

Gakuo notes that a variety of items are being created, ranging from static freezers aboard fishing boats to those that may be installed on a site.

The team also produces a 70-litre freezer that can be installed on the back of a motorcycle. It is extremely useful for the easy delivery of fish.

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